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Healthy Habits, Healthy You!

We've all heard the saying, "You are what you eat!" followed by the importance of fuelling your body with healthy, balanced meals. While this is certainly a key component of healthy living, we all know that there is so much more to our health than just nutrition. This is why I'm diving deeper into the Healthy Habits Program, a 5-week series that will guide you through nutrition, exercise, sleep, emotional health, gratitude, stress management, and self-care. This path and plan leads to flawless health while teaching you to trust your body. Your body knows what to do and if we can just listen to it and follow our instincts, we can all be our best selves. I will show you how to implement new habits while eliminating the ones you want to ditch. So let's dive in a little here.

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The 21/90 Rule

A popular method to build new habits is called the 21/90 rule. In order to create a new habit, you must commit to your goal for 21 straight days. After 21 days, this goal should become a habit. Once you have established this habit, you must follow through for ninety days. After 3 weeks and then ninety days, this goal should become a permanent lifestyle change.

So what should we use it for? Starting your day off with a glass of water with lemon may seem like a nice goal and a healthy way to start your day, but what if we shifted our focus onto something that improves your quality of life every single day in a major way? Here are some ideas to get you started on your new pursuit.

Start (and end) your day with a positive mindset

I've read the self-help books. I've listened to the podcasts. I understand the theory! But what I was left with was a big pile of advice and no idea how to actually apply it all. There was a big gap between theory and practice, so I started small. As it turns out, 5-minutes is all I needed to start my day happy. In fact, it was the simplest way I've found to boost positivity and have me skipping out that door to an early morning Barre class.

Write down one positive thing every morning. What are you grateful for today? What small victory did you have at work yesterday? Or with your kids? Maybe your favourite hockey team won their game. Or you picked a few tomatoes from your garden. Whatever it is, write it down. And then write something down every morning for 21 days, and then continue that for ninety days. If you really want to amp up the positivity, write down another thing that you are grateful for at the end of each day. What was something amazing that happened? Start and end your days with gratitude and I promise you will see increased happiness and optimism.

Do something that brings you complete joy for (at least) 5 minutes every day

As a mom to two, time is a valuable commodity. We all need a little break, a little escape, but we can't just bail on our pursuits, responsibilities, and commitments. Find something that you love and make it a priority to work it into your day. Five to ten minutes is all you need! It could be a quick phone call to your mom, watering your garden, petting your dog, journaling, or just sitting on your front porch with a cup of tea. Whatever it is, make time for it. Make time for it for 21 days, and then ninety more days. And while you're doing it, give it 100% of your attention. No phones, no interruptions. Just soak in that feeling and joy.

Identify three things that you need to work on in your life

This one is a little scary and you will feel a bit vulnerable, but pick three things that you want to change in your life. You can start broad and then get specific. Maybe it's your health - you don't have the energy you need to get things done and are relying on buckets of caffeine every day. Make exercise and nutrition a priority (and getting to bed at a decent time!)

Perhaps it's stress or anxiety that seem to be taking over lately. Make it a priority to start and end your day with some meditation, affirmations, and reflection. Many of us also worry about our finances. If this is an area you want to focus on, it might mean giving up your daily coffee run. Or moving $5 into a savings account every day. Whatever your three things are, focus on one at a time. At the end of your 3 weeks and ninety days, move onto the next. This will allow you to accomplish your goals without feeling overwhelmed.

You can achieve anything with a plan, accountability, and focus. If all it takes is 21 days to make a goal a habit and ninety days to make that a lifestyle, imagine where you could be in just 3 months?

If you need a little help on this new journey to health and happiness, join us for the Healthy Habits Program by clicking HERE and download your free Healthy Habits Program Ebook HERE.