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7 Summer Adventure Essentials

Summer is a season of adventure and adventure feels good to me when I feel ready for anything.

Whether it’s camping, swimming, boating, or picnicking on the beach, being ready with intuitive self-care products in tow is totally my jam- so of course I am going to share all that I pack when preparing for our next adventure.

This product roundup is going to blow your mind and not your budget. It's going to have you ready for anything this summer.

  1. Deep Blue Stick- For all the aches and pains that result from sleeping in awkward beds, sitting too long for or on a ferry, slipping down a hill after hitting a gravel patch, or anything really... because well, we're only getting older folks.

2. Lavender Touch- this little calming stick first presents as all things calming but then sneak attacks to soothe bug bites with its antihistamine (and allergy-taming) properties. Also known as the Swiss Army Knife in the essential oil world. It's got you covered so don't get caught adventuring without this trusty tool, be sure to pack it.

3. Correct-X - Is the everything ointment. Its versatility boasts more than nixing just owies. It's got your lips, skin, ears, cuticles, and everything in between covered. Its compact size slips into any small pocket ready to whip out in a moment's notice.

4. Face + Body Mineral Sunscreen Stick- If you've ever burnt your skin from too much sun exposure then you know how awfully uncomfortable it is. This gem has got you covered at 40 SPF, 80 minutes of water-resistance time and it glides on like nobody's business with its adjustable twist top.

5. Terrashield- A all-natural bug repellent that is effective, safe, and non-toxic. I spray this on my skin, my clothing, window/tent/camper screens, and my dog. It smells lovely, it's pet-friendly and it works with babies and toddlers alike.

6. OnGuard Sanitizing Mist- After what the world has gone through, the silver lining is that everyone now understands the importance of hand washing. A quick, germ and bacteria spritz and you're good to go on a picnic.

7. Peppermint Beadlets - These little gems are refreshing and cooling. Pop one in your mouth for an uplifting and focusing mood shift, freshen your breath, or eliminate a gnawing headache. Pinch a beadlet between your fingertips and rub the oil on your neck and chest for a nice cooling effect when it's hot as well.

Maybe you can relate, when I feel prepared for anything, I have peace knowing that I am living intentionally and still in alignment with using natural, non-toxic lifestyle products.

When I plan boating excursions, camping trips, or backyard BBQs with friends, I understand that I can’t always plan what’ll happen along the way so having products that are safe, natural, and affordable keep me ready for skinned knees, upset tummies, headaches, too much sun and everything in between.

  • Deep Blue Stick

  • Lavender Touch

  • Correct-X

  • dōTERRA Sun Face + Body Mineral Sunscreen Stick (US market only) or the OnGuard Mineral Whitening Toothpaste (alternative to sun stick)

  • TerraShield

  • dōTERRA On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist

  • Peppermint Beadlets

You can buy one item or all 7. The Canadian kit varies slightly to eliminate the sun stick and add the OnGuard toothpaste.

The US kit option includes the sun stick. Or, simply edit the Adventure Kit cart to suit your wants, needs, and budget, and voila… you'll be ready for anything summer throws at you.

If you have questions about these offerings, be sure to hit reply (or text the EOP wellness hotline at 250-538-7626) and strike up a conversation- I always love to hear from you.

One last thing, if you're looking for versatile ways to use the oils in your collection, give this DIY After Sun Recipe a whirl. It's just a few simple ingredients and includes a common line-up of oils you likely have on hand.

Hot days don't inspire me to fire up the cooktop so cooling off at night with shnacks consisting of yummy fruit smoothies (recipe below) and easy finger foods are often the go-to. What would you say is your family's most requested summer food when it's been a hot day?

XO- Melissa


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