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Essential Oils for the Garden

Spring is my absolute favourite time of the year because it means I get to really dive into my garden. I decided to grow my own food because I wanted natural and delicious produce free of fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides. I keep things organic around here and that means I have to be extra diligent when it comes to remaining pest free and happy! Enter... essential oils.

My Top Essential Oils for Gardening

Peppermint - My absolute favourite! It masks the scents of your vegetable plants and acts as an irritant to keep the pests away.

Lavender - Lavender's beautiful smell attracts butterflies and bees, which we need for pollination.

Cedarwood - Cedarwood oil will take care of pests from ants, aphids, and caterpillars to fleas, mosquitos, ticks and more. It is also the best essential oil for keeping snails and slugs off your precious plants.

Melaleuca - The best oil when it comes to getting rid of fungus on your plants. I recommend using this on the stems instead of the leaves though, as it can cause plants to become more sensitive to the sun.

Clove - Clove oil is a deterrent for many flying insects! It also helps combat weeds and other undesirable intruders.

Laurel Leaf - Combine this with clove oil to really keep pests at bay. Pests, be gone.

Rosemary - Rosemary oil repels pests and attracts butterflies to your garden!

Citronella - Citronella repels both flying and crawling pests without harming your plants.

Wild Orange - The clean and sweet aroma draws in bees and butterflies.

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