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12 Reasons To Drink More Water

Drinking enough water everyday might not seem like it is an act of selfcare, but drinking water every single day is a super simple way to care for yourself. The number one reason it is an act of selfcare is because it is guaranteed to make you feel good in your body. It might taste boring, but damn it is SO good for you.

The benefits of drinking water far out weigh the determents of dehydration. Our body mass is about 70% water and our blood is 90% so to keep our body's happy and running smoothly, replenish at least every hour of every day. Need more reason why, here goes...

  1. It lubricates the joints. Our joints are for shock absorption. Another fun fact is that cartilage found in our joints and the disks of the spine are made up of 80% of water too. Lack of drinking water can be the cause of common joint pain in the neck, knees and back.

2. Forms mucous and saliva so that our eyes, mouth & nose stay moist to ward of any airborne threats. Saliva is needed for healthy digestive systems and VIP for oral health and hyenine to keep sugar bugs & tooth decay at bay.

3. Blood in the body is 90% water... blood carries our precious oxygen through the circulatory system and delivers it to the lungs and organs. Further, water lubricates the airways- nose, throat and lungs. Lack of water restricts the airways which can make asthma, allergies and other lung diseases worse.

4. Boosts healthy skin, prevents wrinkles and is literally the fountain of youth. You will not only feel younger, you will look younger too when you hit your daily water quota.

5. Hormones and the endocrine system also get involved- they are responsible for the production of hormones and other neurotransmitters that trigger in the brain. Drinking enough water helps to lubricate the brain and support us in thinking straight and making good choices.

6. Regulates body temperature... the body's water is stored in the middle layers of the skin so as we sweat the water comes to the skin’s surface when the body heats up. As sweat evaporates, it cools the body down. Additionally in the throws of a fever, drinking lots of water is going to support the body in fighting off whatever it is combating. Fever's aren't bad, it's simply the body's way of protecting itself.

7. Digestive Health depends on it. The entire digestive tract requires water... it starts in the mouth, it needs enough saliva to help you lubricate, break down and swallow food. Water prevents heartburn, feeling bloated and other stomach issues. Plus the bowel needs water to work properly. Lack of water can lead to constipation or other weird bowel movements.

8. Flush toxins and waste from the bladder and intestinal tract. If we don't move this sludge out of our system, it can build up and add to our bodies toxic load which make us susceptible to environmental threats, weakens our immune system, adds to fatigue, brain fog, moodiness and feeling tired.

9. Maintains healthy blood pressure. Again the blood is 90% water so lack of it makes the blood thick thus increasing blood pressure.

10. Delivers water soluble minerals and nutrients from our food & beverages and makes it accessible to reach all the different parts of the body that need the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to perform optimally.

11. Kidneys are responsible for regulating fluid in the body so if it doesn't have a sufficient amount of water to regulate itself it can lead to kidney stone issues & other serious health complications.

12. Boosts weight loss goals. Pro tip: Fill up with a glass of water before every meal so that is can prevent any overeating by creating a sense of fullness. It supports eating until you feel 80% full during every meal as well.

Drink More Water Tip #1: Drink half your body weight in ounces of water everyday.

Tip #2: Flavored water is a fun, easy and healthy way to consume more water everyday. Flavor combinations are endless too. Cheers!


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