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Top 5 Self-Care Starter Tips for Women

Your style of self-care is as unique and individual as you are.

Self-care is a personal action you take. It is intimate and exclusive. Curated only for you.

There is no score, no pressure, and no winning.

Instead, true self-care is inherently soothing to your soul. It fuels your vibration to a higher frequency. It guides you into loving yourself a little more each time you commit to it. And it nudges you to trust yourself a little deeper each time.

If you're not sure if self-care is even important, you can read my blog article '5 Reasons Why Self-Care Is Important for Women.'

When I was just beginning to develop my own self-care routine, I created a Self-Care Checklist to keep me motivated, and remind myself to put ME as a priority on my to-do list. You can start there too. Download your free Self-Care Checklist here:

Here are my top 5 self-care starter tips:

Self-Care Starter Tip #1: If It Makes You Happy, Do It!

Cue Sheryl Crow!! Do just one thing that makes you happy in your day. After all, YOU are the only one in charge of your happiness. Nobody else. So, go plug in your diffuse and be happy 😉

Self-Care Starter Tip #2: Self Soothe 101

You can activate self-soothing in a healthy way by dry brushing or caressing your own arm.

If you're like me, this will feel weird at first. That's okay! Give it a try anyways, and then moisturize with an essential oil infused natural moisturizer to finish off. I recommend Geranium & Frankincense (you can learn more about Frankincense and it's benefits with my free e-book: 31 Days of Frankincense).

Self-Care Starter Tip #3: Hit Mute

Social media is a beautiful thang! You can 'mute' anyone with negative energy who brings your vibe down.

I am serious. Give zero phucks & edit your social media. You can simply ‘mute’ those who are spreading their low vibe energy or better yet, delete them. Because, boundaries.

Self-Care Starter Tip #4: Twerk

Maybe twerking isn’t your thing. Maybe the running man is more your speed. Whichever way, ask Alexa to put on your favorite bust-a-move-playlist and shake what your mama gave ya! Often.

I am not joking. Get up and groove right now!! Dancing has been scientifically proven to boost your mood. It is SO powerful it is even being used in therapy. 'How Dancing Gives Your Brain A Mood Boost' is an excellent article with information boosting your mood with dancing.

Self-Care Starter Tip #5: Aromatherapy

Inhale an upbeat plant aroma. Doterra's 'Wild Orange': the oil of abundance is hands down my fave self-care booster. It evokes creativity, joy & growth. 'Peppermint' is another fave: the oil of a buoyant heart. It invigorates the mind, body, soul & spirit. Both of these aromas boost your mood, sharpen your brain, and evoke motivation.

You can request a free sample of either oil here:

Start simple. Choose only one tip and go from there. Send me a DM on Instagram HERE and let me know which tip you are going to start with! I am looking forward to meeting you.




Hi, I'm Melissa 👋🏻

If you hang around me long enough I will brainwash you into believing you are worth anything your heart desires!

I live on a small island on the West Coast of Canada (Salt Spring Island) with my husband, two boys & random animals.

I pump my tires on empowering women to make themselves a priority, and living an intentionally clean & natural lifestyle. (AKA: I DIY the shit out of everything.)

When I was employed, I quickly learned that I hated working on other people's terms and I wanted to be raising my babies at home. Essential oils have allowed me to build a business and dream life from home with my babes in my arms.

You can find me on Instagram for daily tips for self-care, essential oil education, and lots of laughter. If you're ready to start your own journey to self-care and clean living, you can request an essential oil sample - curated specifically for you - right HERE.


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