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5 Benefits Of Drinking Water

I've struggled with dull skin. My skin felt dry and patchy and there were little blemishes here and there. I just felt like it was dull. No shine. No juiciness.

And because I am me, and I know that when something is wrong on the outside, it means that something is dysregulated on the inside. I usually look at the three big culprits first: Stress, Sleep, and Hydration. I started making sure that I was drinking more water and my personal trainer says to work up to at least 3 liters a day.

Benefits to staying well hydrated

1. The secret to glowing skin.

As we age, we lose some of the plumpness that younger skin has, and this is why we get that dull anti-glow and deeper wrinkles. Plump those cells with proper hydration by drinking water and by using a great plant-based skin care system like Verage. Skincare & water will make all the difference.

2. Lubricate those joints.

The 'ol knees don’t move like they used to so I am committed to taking preventative measures to help my joints be the best that they can be BEFORE I need to start taking deluxe pain medication or limiting the amount of play-time I can muster with my boys. Since cartilage is 80% water, it really relies on us getting as much usable water in the body as we can to help those joints perform pain-free.

If you are already in the pain zone, studies show that we can alleviate some of the pain with proper hydration + the frequent use of the all natural (and famous) Deep Blue muscle rub. This duo alone is sure to lube the joints right up.

3. Drinking water helps the digestive system!

Water is a must for keeping the digestive system moving and grooving smoothly. A lack of water can 100% cause an imbalance in your gut ecosystem. It also decreases acidity, which can make it easier for stomach ulcers to form. But the thing that most people notice about not getting enough water is that they find that they will start to suffer from constipation more regularly. And this can be a big problem. When you are constipated the waste is not being voided in a timely manner and can lead to absorption of more toxins into the body. And NOBODY wants that!

If I am having a little upset in my digestion, I personally add one or two drops of Zengest Essential Oil Blend into a glass of water and sip it. Zengest is a blend of mint, anise, lemon and other oils that are big calmers of the gut. I know this works, but it also is the added benefit of getting that extra glass of water into the system too.

4. Drinking water helps maintain homeostasis in your body!

In this world we already get enough pressure about maintaining a healthy weight, but what about if we talked about how we help our body maintain homeostasis? This means that we help it maintain the weight that is right for us, regulate our body temperature, maintain salt and mineral levels at the perfect level, keep our blood pressure steady and more.

Water does that by helping all of our organs stay clear and healthy and functioning optimally. Especially necessary in a world where we are bombarded by drinks that aren’t lubricating or helpful like caffeine loaded drinks and sugary sodas.

5. Drinking water is a healthy habit!

And finally, I want to touch on the thing that most excites me about water: Drinking water is a super food habit that is like an investment in your body's health. You're literally lubricating and feeding your body what it needs to work optimally, which in the short term is great but in the long term, the investment you are making in your body now, will pay off in ways that we can’t even imagine. it cleans filters and keeps organs low-tox, the joints lubricated and imparts homeostasis to name a VIP few.

Setting ourselves up with healthy habits as soon as possible in life, we are actually reframing where our health will end up in 20 years. And drinking water is just plain simple to do. So if you haven’t been drinking water while reading this, now is the time to get up and go get yourself a tall, refreshing glass of water.


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