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5 Straightforward & Inexpensive Selfcare Snippets

I often hear from the women I work with that the word selfcare automatically means that they'll be required to spend money to achieve it.

And I agree with them, they're right- consumerism and the media lead women to believe this to be true with the marketing campaigns they spew to the world.

With the current economic climate and the fact that most people don’t have free space in their schedules for long glorious (and expensive) hours spent in a spa/salon, infrared sauna, or float chamber, women now more than ever, feel even more overwhelmed, burnt out, and flat-out cranky.

If you've ever experienced stress, utter exhaustion, and irritation at the thought of your own to-do list, you'd agree that it leads to further in-action in the selfcare department.

So, the cycle continues.

What is tired, cranky and overwhelm's kryptonite?


A lot of women I coach share with me that they don't have the freedom to enjoy hours a day in solitude, heck, some can't even go to the bathroom alone due to babes at their feet.

Most women tell me they crave selfcare.

But they feel they are too busy to practice it or even more disheartening, they feel they don't deserve it or that it feels selfish of them to do any kind of selfcare.

So they just don't do it.

My goal as a selfcare advocate and coach is to encourage women to lean into just one of the tips below- especially if she has expressed that she is craving it.

Generally, this is when resistance arises and I gently re-affirm women with: Girrrrrl, you gotta break through that resistance by doing it anyway.

After the do-it-anyway is out of the way, we find ourselves well on our way to experiencing selfcare on a daily basis.

It becomes easy, second nature even, for any chaotic lifestyle with some consistency.

It becomes a promise to yourself.

A commitment to believe in you!

For the love of everything selfcare, It's time to believe in yourself.

Five Straightforward & Inexpensive Selfcare Snippets:


Stop what you are doing and take a deep breath. Focusing on your breath can help you to instantly feel calm, centered and energized. More on breathing in this post here.


Give technology a time-out. Seeing what everyone else is doing and how much more time they have can stress anyone out. Instead of scrolling TikTok or watching TV/Netflix at night, read a good fiction book. Get outside, write in a journal, or listen to a podcast or audible book.


Raise your arms straight up above your head, and then bring them out to your sides. Gently roll your head from the left to the right. Shrug your shoulders, and then roll them to the front and back a few times. If you can get on the floor, a few cat/cows and lying flat on your back feels nice too. Stretching is simple but notice the big changes you feel in your body just moments after doing it.

4. "I GET TO".

Change your focus to the things that you do get to do with this one simple phrase.

"I get to empty the dishwasher" instead of, "I have to empty the dishwasher"

This simple yet powerful word swap switches the mindset from ungrateful to grateful- Changing your mindset from low vibration to high vibration in a matter of one phrase.

This next one is fun too for women with a family at every age and stage, consider starting a family gratitude journal and leaving it on the coffee table. Encourage each member of your family to write something they are thankful for whenever they see the book. This is also great when wanting to create meaningful memories.


You likely do not have time to nap (but if you do, 20 minutes is do-able), but just closing your eyes and going on a little mini-vacation in your imagination works wonderfully.

Think about someplace that you love (a beach with aqua water, rolling waves, and a warm breeze on your face) and mentally escape for as many minutes as you can. I like to play meditative playlists on Spotify or Amazon music. I look for ocean wave meditation or nature meditation.

If you're ready to lean into selfcare, pick just one of these and start doing it consistently.

In a matter of 3 days you will notice a difference. In 3 weeks you'll feel more alive and grounded and you'll likely be ready to layer in another selfcare practice of your choosing or come back to this list and pick another to add to your daily selfcare practice.

If a Selfcare Checklist is your jam, check out this post that also includes a free printable checklist for more tangible ideas.

What is your favourite way to take care of yourself?




Hi, I'm Melissa 👋🏻

If you hang around me long enough I will convince you that you are worth anything your heart desires.

I live on a small island on the West Coast of Canada (Salt Spring Island) with my husband, two boys & random animals.

I pump my tires on empowering women to make themselves a priority and living an intentionally clean & natural lifestyle. (AKA: I DIY the shit out of everything.)

When I was employed, I quickly learned that I hated working on other people's terms and I wanted to be raising my babies at home. Essential oils have allowed me to build a business and dream life from home with my babes in my arms.

You can find me on Instagram for daily tips for self-care, essential oil education, and lots of laughter.


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