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Melissa's Journey To Selfcare

My Story

First of all, I had to unlearn that selfcare was selfish. That is basically where it all started. 


Healthy lifestyle habits are the anchor to success in all endeavors you were put on this planet to do. They are the foundation to your happiness and happiness comes in any form unique to you and your taste. Yet, there is so much health and wellness information blaring in your face that building that healthy foundation can be overwhelming and difficult.


Melissa Johnson has been a Holistic Selfcare Coach specializing in essential oils for nearly 10 years- she keeps selfcare easy and obtainable. Understanding how hard building a healthy foundation for you and your family came to her when her second son was born and she found herself struggling with postpartum depression. Melissa felt she wasn’t “enough”. She was spread thin and chronic at putting everyone else’s needs before her own– kids, husband, house, work, you name it and her health started to slip as a result.

Maybe you can relate?


At her wits end, Melissa leaned into learning how to begin to heal her inner child, find what lit her up and bring purpose to her life while creating healthy habits, and strive for a sustainable lifestyle for her and her family. Perpetually her own selfcare never seemed to make the to-do list so she decided to formulate the Selfcare Checklist. She designed it to honor simple daily actions that are easily incorporated into any lifestyle. 


It takes approximately three weeks to establish a new habit as a lifestyle staple. What Melissa found when she put the Selfcare Checklist to work for herself is that the simple shifts began to fuel her mind, body, and soul. The daily actions were personalized; anchoring the new habits began to fill her cup and gave her the ability to serve others fluidly and effortlessly.


Shared values with women who lead from the heart, strive to live sustainably, want easy access to affordable toxic-free lifestyle products, a vibrant wellness community and simple daily habits that combat overwhelm daily is Melissa’s specialty. Approachable selfcare is taking care of yourself first and the ripple effect will:

  • boost physical, mental and emotional wellness

  • ease stress

  • allow space to choose simple healthy choices

  • offer the space to process emotions, or to simply breath-in-a-moment

  • prevent burnout 

  • enhance creativity and performance

  • cultivate inner peace which makes responding in loving, engaged ways that align with your values


If you’re unsure of where to start, Melissa’s got you- use these three simple selfcare solutions to implement into your daily routine especially if you have a busy career and babes to raise:


  1. Schedule ONE small thing a day for just yourself. Physically input it into your calendar or add it to your to-do list and make it a non negotiable.

  2. Practice saying “no” to things that don’t align with your purpose or bring you joy. No is a complete sentence. It’s 100% healthy to have and set boundaries around what you will and will not stand for.

  3. Use and diffuse doterra essential oils to improve mood + positively enhance brain chemistry, daily. Roll essential oils over your neck, wrists, heart and temples and inhale deeply. Often. 


A Selfcare Checklist is a sanity saver, and for Melissa, it illuminated a clear path to a thriving doterra business where women are empowered to take control of their health holistically. With a focus on creating purpose and abundance for family by teaching these skills to other women who are eager to learn more. Access your own free Selfcare Checklist to create your own selfcare habits by design with tangible steps on her website and search Selfcare Checklist or find Melissa on social media platforms @melissaj_johnson

~ It’s always selfcare season, xo Melissa J. Johnson

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