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5 Ways To Let Negative Energy Go

The fear that has been perpetuated and circulated around the globe for the last two years has unfortunately created a heavy negative energy for every human. We've been put through a lot of uncertainty.

To live in a high-stress, high-anxiety state for a long period of time is not healthy so it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious and at a loss with the weight of this energy. It is also completely normal to feel 'off' and not be sure why. This feeling might be described as thick or suffocating. Here are more indicators that the chronic negative energy is affecting you:

  • You are irritable or find yourself bitching, complaining or being judgey a lot

  • Struggling to get to sleep, stay asleep or wakeup not feeling rested

  • Feeling emotional or crying for what appears to be no reason

  • Seeking ways to numb-out by consuming an excess of stimulants like caffeine or alcohol or aimlessly scrolling through your phone

  • Experiencing a loss of motivation or failing to view anything in a positive spin

You're not alone if you've felt this way over the last two years (or ever) and to be 100% honest, I am guilty of numbing my emotions often too. Once I identified and decided I wanted to actively work at overcoming this I googled 'ways to stop numbing emotions' and I found THIS ARTICLE. And for whatever reason it inspired me to unplug... which allowed me to get clear, which parlayed into feeling motivated which snowballed into me finding me (one step at a time albeit) but it pulled me out of the funk I found myself in and eventually, I felt grounded- happy and centered again. Personal development might not be for everybody, for me it works.

And because I love to pump my tires on empowering women (it's a form of selfcare for me), Peruse these top 5 ways to let negative energy go.

Hey, so, let's get to the reason I dragged you here and sucked you into reading this far into this blog post... ;-)

5 Ways To Let Negative Energy Go

Let Negative Energy Go Tip #1: Use Essential Oils! Shocker I'd suggest this one eh?! Ten years and ticking strong on the woo woo juice. Serious though, utilizing essential oils aromatically allows oils to dive directly into the bloodstream via the respiratory system that then quickly make way to the area in the brain responsible for our emotions. #IYKYK

Essential oils work quickly and effectively. doterra's essential oils are my #1 pick because they are pure, potent & safe plant extracts that naturally bring the peace we seek. EO's like Arborvitae, Balance, Adaptiv, Bergamot, Peace (yes, we have a blend named Peace), Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, and Frankincense are great aromas to lean on. Feel free to DM me on Instagram if you're curious and would like to try an essential oil sample. I'd love to support you in your first essential oil experience.

Let Negative Energy Go Tip #2: Breathing! Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Purposefully breathing in, raise your arms over your head, directing your attention to releasing all of the negativity that has you worried- hold your breathe for 3 seconds and then lower your arms to your heart center breathing out every last ounce of those unwanted feelings.... continue again with your next breath in, imagining love and joy bringing in healing, nourishing energy into your body. Do this slowly, at least five times in a row. This simple breathing ritual releases and clears stuck/stagnant energies and makes room for positive loving energy that then radiates organically, intuitively onto others around you. The ripple effect of loving energy is very powerful. Nothing is more powerful than love.

Pro Tip: Throw in some self validating affirmations to really elevate this breath work. Try:

+ I am strong and confident and I am exactly where I am meant to be.

+ I am whole and complete and I love me.

+ I deserve the best and I accept it right now.

+ My mind and body are in perfect balance. I am a harmonious being.

Let Negative Energy Go Tip #3: Schedule Selfcare! Taking care of you first trains your holistic self to stand solid when heeding off negative energy. If you're curious why putting your needs first is so important, scroll my short blog article on 5 Reasons Why Selfcare Is Important For Women. + feel free to download the complimentary Selfcare Checklist too... I designed these two pieces to go hand in hand- they work synergistically together. Alternatively, join me on Insta as I jam on all things thissss pretty much every single day.

Let Negative Energy Go Tip #4: Turn Off The Media & Put Down Your Devices! Legacy or mainstream media simply compound the fear-driven-negative energy. Feel free to take a break from it for just one week and see how you feel. Or, quit it all together. MSM and most social media platforms are strategically designed to create divide and fear monger it's audience. Rise above the echo-chamber by finding activities that fuel joy instead. Be present in that activity... go for a walk in nature, snuggle your children or pets, get your hands in the dirt, play cards with your partner, connect with a friend, take an Epsom-salt + essential-oil-infused bath. The point is, the activity is whatever makes you happy, you get to decide what the activity is but make it intentionally yours for the taking. Relish it. You deserve it. You are awesome. You are loved.

Let Negative Energy Go Tip #5: Practice Gratitude! Gratitude is scientifically proven to strengthen positive energy (replacing the negative). And what better time than now to take a look around and drink in all of the things you have to be grateful for.

The G.L.A.D. technique is a simple gratitude exercise you can do with the whole family. It is an acronym that goes like this:





Find one thing for each of those words at the beginning or the end of your day and you will notice instantly how it releases stagnant energy and evokes feelings of lightness and fun instead.

Bottom line Babe, carrying the weight of negative energy isn't helping anyone, especially you. Cue Elsa vibes, and let it phucking go! It is more than okay to take the necessary steps to release thee shit- find those slivers of joyful light in your day. Oh! and don't forget to hit me up for that personalized free essential oil sample for peaceful AF energy. You can DM me on Instagram and I will mail it right to you- Thanks for reading. I am grateful for you.




Hi, I'm Melissa 👋🏻

If you hang around me long enough I will convince you that you are worth anything your heart desires.

I live on a small island on the West Coast of Canada (Salt Spring Island) with my husband, two boys & random animals.

I pump my tires on empowering women to make themselves a priority, and living an intentionally clean & natural lifestyle. (AKA: I DIY the shit out of everything.)

When I was employed, I quickly learned that I hated working on other people's terms and I wanted to be raising my babies at home. Essential oils have allowed me to build a business and dream life from home with my babes in my arms.

You can find me on Instagram for daily tips for self-care, essential oil education, and lots of laughter.


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