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5 Reasons Why Self Care Is Important For Women

Did you know, when the pandemic first started, the burnout rate for women rose by 4%? (In comparison, it went down by 7% for men... You can read more about the gap HERE.)

Being a woman myself, I know this is because there is more pressure on you today than there ever has been before. You’re expected to produce the same results at work with higher demands while still running your family + household - even with the continuous school shutdowns.

If you’re anything like me, the last few years have been exhausting. You’re feeling overwhelmed, run down, and cranky. Self care is the very first thing you put to the side, like it doesn’t matter… It can even feel like yet another chore, am I right?

I totally get it.

For me, I had to write down a personal Self Care Checklist so I remembered to put me on my own to-do list! (And checking something off each day felt wonderful). You can download your copy for free here:

I am here to remind you why your self care is critical for you, your health, your family, and your career. Here are the top 5 reasons why self care is important:

Self Care is Important Reason #1 - According to the Southern New Hampshire University, self care has been proven to increase your happiness, improve energy levels, and reduce stress, anxiety + depression.

Self Care is Important Reason #2 - Making time to take care of yourself prevents burnout, which is when you ultimately shut down and can’t do any of the things you normally would.

Self Care is Important Reason #3 - Think of self care like the instructions you are given in the event of an airplane crash. You are told to put on your oxygen mask first, before helping someone else with theirs. If you pass out due to a lack of oxygen, you can’t help the kids or seniors on the plane who may need your help. The same goes for self care - you can’t continue to pour into your children, partner, and colleagues without your own mask. Taking care of yourself allows you to have enough air to care for those you love.

Self Care is Important Reason #4 - When cortisol levels are high (your stress hormone) you are living in a state of ‘fight or flight’ response. Being in this high stressful state is exhausting and makes you grouchy, quick to anger, frustrated, and generally irritated. Small things your kids do (or that annoying coworker at work) will really get to you. When you’ve taken care of yourself, your cortisol levels are reduced, allowing you to handle things in the calmer state you want to be in.

Self Care is Important Reason #5 - Self care allows you a break from the never-ending notifications, daily bad news, and the stress weighing on you. Human beings weren’t designed to be this busy and inundated with information, conversations, tasks etc. Even just a few minutes of self care can bring you back to yourself and align your chakras energies. On a side note, essential oils can be used to help align your chakras as well. I share how in my blog article: How to Balance Your Chakras with Essential Oils.

To put it simply, self care is essential to your ability to show up with your family the way you want to, keep your stress levels at a manageable level, prevent burnout, and live your life in a happy flow state.

Also important to note, a little selfcare goes a long way - start small, with only just a few minutes of an activity that makes you feel good will create BIG results. When I was going through postpartum depression with my second son, I knew I had to do at least one thing every day to keep me going. My Self Care Checklist became my lifeline; I still use it today. You can download your copy here:


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