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How To Set A One-Word Intention For 2022

Out with the old and in with the new

New year resolutions are a thing of the past. Instead, setting intentions for the year to come using one word is what is new and trending. And it's proving to be quite popular because it yields a more successful result.

Science behind the resolution method shows that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fall flat by February. The reason new year resolutions fail come down to one thing: The goal-setting strategy isn't attached to a feeling or a vision you've created for yourself.

How you make and follow through on the outcome you want is a long-term step-by-step process, not a short-term-off-the-cuff-once-a-year resolution. It's a mindset shift.

During my research into one-word intentions, I stumbled upon this quote by Wayne Dyer, “Our intention creates our reality”… so with this in mind, following steps to identify your word will lead you down a path of living a more intentional life that you've visualized and that is what will support you to reach your goals.

How to Select a Meaningful One-Word Intention

Step 1: Dig deep and evaluate your life

Ask yourself questions/statements (find these questions below in the workbook) and jot down your initial honest response. If needed, take a break to reflect on your initial responses and then add in further notes.

Step 2: Reflect on your answers

Did you notice any re-occurring themes when answering the questions in step one- If so, what barriers are you encountering? Prioritize your answers based on how important you feel they are to your overall physical/body, mental/mind, and emotional/spirit health.

Step 3: Identify your path forward

Based on your reflections and prioritization, which area do you feel most called to address in the coming year.

Step 4: Brainstorm words that support your path forward

Let’s pretend that you identified lowering your stress level as your high priority path forward. Using words from above, or brainstorming your own may include breath, calm, meditate or peace. If you feel it helpful, share this brainstorming activity (or any component of this process) with a close friend, partner or loved one.

Step 5: Select your word

From the list of words below, pick the single word that brings you the most joy when related to your high priority path forward and make the roller ball blend to remind you of the intention you set. The word you choose will bring you joy, a sense of calm, or give you a tingling sensations to indicate an overwhelming feeling of rightness. You will be using this word and your roller of essential oils frequently so you'll want to be sure you feel fire/action in your selection.

I get it. This can feel really overwhelming on where to even start so of course I've got you covered!

This step-by-step workbook I've affectionately titled, My Future Self it is a free printable guide that is my gift to all of you.


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