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We Stand With You.

We stand with you.

An update from the EOP Team

The last couple of weeks have been hard and heavy. My heart aches and I have been sitting back, mindful on keeping silent on social media to find the right words and figure out what role I play in changing the narrative. I have been reading. Listening. Having tough conversations. Listening to feedback. Learning. Unlearning. I am committed to being part of the solution. I am committed to taking the necessary action. I am committed to making the necessary changes so that everyone can feel safe, seen, heard, valued, and loved. I am proud to be a part of doTERRA as they have unveiled their formation of an Inclusion and Diversity Committee. This Committee will benefit all those who feel invisible and help the Black community feel whole, included, heard, and loved. To learn more about what doTERRA is doing, click here. Below I have included ways in which you can join me in taking action - organizations that are making a difference for the Black community, books to read, resources to check out, and work of many BIPOC influencers and activists that you can share in order to amplify their voices.

Here is a link to anti-racism resources that have been compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein. You will find a comprehensive list of resources that will allow us to deepen our anti-racism work.

To my white friends and team members... I know it's easier, safer, and comfortable to stay silent. Some of us may be unsure of what to say and afraid of making mistakes, but silence is contributing to the problem. Making mistakes, learning, and growing is our way forward.

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