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DIY Diaper Cream

Commercial diaper cream can be made of ingredients that can irritate a baby’s delicate skin. Not to mention it's full of harmful chemicals.

This easy recipe is simple, natural, and great for soothing and softening skin in a safe way. While coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer, the majority of the soothing benefits are due to the addition of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oil.


¼ cup virgin coconut oil

5 drops Lavender oil

3 drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil


  1. Melt coconut oil in glass cup using microwave or double boiler.

  2. Add essential oils and stir briefly.

  3. Allow mixture to cool to restore the original consistency of the coconut oil.

  4. Store in a sealable glass container and leave in cool place. Apply as needed.

Tip: This recipe makes 2 ounces, and should last as long as the expiration date on the bottom of your essential oil bottle, or for the shelf-life of your coconut oil of choice.

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