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10 Selfcare Trends For 2022

Ahh, January 1st. A fresh new year to me is just like crawling into bed with a fresh set of clean sheets at the end of a long day.

A fresh start brings a ton of opportunity for an energized, refreshed outlook. With everything that happened in 2020 and then steam rolled right into 2021, I am all about taking back what I am in control of and I'm going to set intentions that align with the way I want to live my life. I choose a specific word every new year in January that keeps me focused on what I want to create or make space for for the year ahead.

I'm all about setting goals that light your fire and inspire you, and it's no surprise that the idea of a 'fresh start' is what many of us need to in order to kickstart healthier selfcare habits. And to keep it simple, what will always be trending is maintaining a back to basics baseline in selfcare.

When we focus on making tiny improvements in our personal health & wellbeing and if we do it consistently over time we can eventually look back and reflect at how much we have changed or see how we may have met a huge goal.

1. Set an Intention. Start with a word that inspires you to create more of or seek less of something.

2. Ditch the scale. learn to love our bodies, and flip the bird to the overwhelming amount of companies that are preying on our insecurities. Instead, let's focus on things that make us feel good. How do you want to feel? Physically strong enough to run around and play with your kids? Energized when you get up in the morning? Or do you want to do something that will make you feel proud, like run a 10km? Or be able to do an unassisted pull-up or 20 push ups?

3. Drink more water. Carry a reusable water bottle around with you everywhere and make yourself drink a certain amount each day.

4. Move your body. Out with your family? Get in the pool. Run around with them at the park. Blast the music and have a dance party in your kitchen. Join in instead of watching from the sidelines and get your body moving. Or simply just take the stairs.

5. Eat more fruits & veggies. Okay, this is an obvious one. But instead of restricting foods, reach for the good stuff. And eat lots of it!

6. Switch to low-tox green.. It's fairly simple - once you learn what is harmful and what's not, we can start to make choices that will keep our toxic load as light as possible. When we know better we do better. Awareness will actively reduce your exposure to toxins and that alone will drastically impact your health wellness. Check out my eBook Ditch & Switch: A Guide to Detoxifying Your Life to see more on what I am talking about.

7. Be less busy. Literally schedule in your selfcare time or carve out time for more creative things. Selfcare is all about doing things that fill your cup and make you feel whole. Selfcare is you taking your power back. Scheduling in your selfcare time makes I priority to you and to other people in your life. Teaching our kids the importance of boundaries surrounding caring for ourselves is so valuable. It sends the message that we matter and deserve to be cared for by ourselves first and of course then by others.

8. Practice mindfulness. I've posted about creating a gratitude practice on the blog (HERE and HERE), but let's dive into this a bit more in terms of food. We can practice mindfulness when it comes to eating by removing distractions like TV, scrolling through social media, or checking our email. Give yourself time to eat a meal (ideally 15-20 minutes) and really check in with your hunger and fullness throughout the meal. I also encourage you to check out Intuitive Eating (which is a full blog post itself so I won't get in to it on this one!)

9. Affirm Yourself. If you haven't picked up or heard of affirmations practice, It's something that has truly changed my life. 'I Am' or 'You Are' statements to oneself is really powerful and has the power to open your mindset to a more positive outlook.

10. Use essential oils. Integrating pure plant magic into your daily lifestyle. It has been a game changer for my selfcare. I feel like selfcare and essential oils go together like peanut butter and jelly. They are a match made in heaven and compliment each other perfectly. Infusing essential oils into your daily habits truly uplevels your immunity, your mindset, your mood, improves your sleep, reduces anxiousness and strengthens your connection to yourself.

Leave a comment below and share your favorite new year trends- Cheers!


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