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Natural Cleaning with Essential Oils

Have you ever heard me say that the average home is one of the most toxic places we encounter on a daily basis?

The reality- it is.

Check this out:

Cleaning naturally with essential oils is the second way to reduce that toxic load, plus cleaning with essential oils will do a solid for your body & the environment!

The #1 way to reduce toxic load is to make the switch to all natural plant based lifestyle/body products. One easy step in a clean-living direction is to start with an easy swap like switching your shampoo to a cleaner version. I share why I started with shampoo, in my recent blog post: 'Why I Stopped Washing My Hair With Shampoo'.

But, I digress. Moving onto cleaning naturally, with essential oils... so you don't have to protect your lungs like this gal.


ALLLL of the citrus oils like Bergamot, Lemon, and Lime essential oils are powerful cleansing agents that also purify the air and surfaces and can be used as natural cleaners throughout the home. Citruses also help protect against environmental threats…Think viral infections

Wild Orange is another great citrus oil to cleanse and purify surfaces. Putting a few drops in your own all-purpose spray will not only add a great cleansing boost but a lovely aroma as well!

Douglas Fir and Siberian Fir are also cleansing and purifying oils. These oils deodorize the air and leave a fresh, piney scent on surfaces.

Eucalyptus is refreshing and cleansing.

Tea Tree is very well known for its purifying properties. Use on surfaces to protect against environmental threats. When diffused, Tea Trees will help purify and freshen the air.

Purify Cleansing Blend is composed of Lemon, Siberian Fir, Citronella, Lime, Tea Tree, and Cilantro. This blend is specially designed to dispel unpleasant odors and purify the air.

Peppermint is refreshing and rejuvenating. It repels bugs & rodents naturally and creates an invigorating atmosphere when diffused or used topically on surfaces.

OnGuard Protective Blend is made up by doterra that has Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary essential oils. It provides natural protection against environmental factors and overall cleaning capability. On Guard can be diffused to clean the air or used topically on hard surfaces too.


All of these recipes below include the interactive links

If you haven't heard of the Think Dirty App yet, you have got to go check it out. The app is free to download and to use. This App will blow your mind and I am fairly certain, if your wellness is VIP to you, you will spend the next few hours running around your house scanning all of the bar codes you can get your hands on. This app offers instant feedback on the product you currently have on-hand in your house that you are using regularly.

Bottom line, once we learn what chemical-laden-endocrine-disrupters & other harmful junk is in the product that we use every single day, we can begin to eliminate them & provide ourselves with healthier options. So, if you dare (and are ready to get back to nature), grab the Think Dirty app and start scanning your household products.

Introducing doTERRA Home Edit

If you're someone who likes a little more guidance, use this free self-guided boot-camp. you’ll learn how to make natural changes throughout your home— From the kitchen, to your own body, to the laundry room to the living room, nursery, bathroom, and more.

As you move through the Natural Home Edit series, you can expect:

  • Easy tips to help you eliminate toxins from your home

  • DIYs for each room in the house

  • Simple swaps for natural alternatives

  • Tips, tricks & cleaning hacks

To opt into this free mini course click the Home Edit Button below

Cleaning makes me cranky, so if you need me, I'll be over here avoiding it all costs.

I'm a Selfcare Coach & if you hang around with me long enough I will convince you are worth anything your heart desires

I live on a small island on an island on the West Coast of Canada, with my husband & two boys..

I pump my tires on empowering women + living an intentionally clean & natural lifestyle. We DIY the shit out of everything. I get great satisfaction out of women leaning in and leading themselves to a life of abundance.

I learned quickly that I hated working on other people's terms in any employment type setting. Essential oils have allowed me to build a business and lifestyle that I don’t need to take a vacation from. I have created a chemical free environment for my family, I take care of myself daily, I am home when my kids return after school, and I have a business I love!

When friends and family were polled for my top 5 (good & bad) attributes, this is what they shared about me:

1. loyal

2. driven/goal oriented/committed

3. impatient

4. straight shooter (yet never mean spirited)

5. authentically herself

It's always selfcare season- xo, Melissa J.

30 minute Essential Oils Made Easy Class:


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