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'Quiet Kindness' - Acts of Kindness Kids Can Do From Home

This is a time of adjustment as we settle into our new normal and establish new routines. We practice social distancing to keep ourselves and others safe and we carry on through this pandemic together while looking out for one another. Our kids, whose lives and schedules have also been altered, are absorbing everything right now, whether or not they truly understand what is going on.

I can only hope that in the end of all of this, this becomes a beautiful lesson on the power of connection and our resiliency. We will grow from this experience. I know this because all around us I see acts of kindness and open hearts. By staying home and social distancing, we are demonstrating the best example of kindness and selflessness. And for our kids, hands-on activities of kindness often help them learn best. So today I have a list of ideas of acts of kindness that the kids can do - while staying home!

Snail Mail

Writing notes and making cards for those you love is a great way to show your appreciation from afar. We aren't limited to friends and family members either. Reach out to your local senior's centres or assisted living centres and see if they would be interested. If anyone is being cautious about receiving mail, you can also email pictures of artwork and crafts.

Support Healthcare Workers

Join in on the 7 pm fun! Every evening at 7pm neighbourhoods come together to blast music, cheer, bang on pots and pans, and celebrate, honour, and show solidarity to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.

Kindness Rocks

This is one of my favourite activities and we do this on a regular basis even before the pandemic. Have the kids collect and paint their own rocks and scatter them around your neighbourhood, walking trails, beaches, or wherever you go to get some fresh air.

Window Art

Many of you have probably seen the rainbows and hearts pop up on social media. Many communities are encouraging kids to post their art and their words of kindness and encouragement in their windows so their friends and neighbours can see it when they go for their walks. Better yet, leave an uplifting message for the delivery worker coming by with packages!

Video Chats

While we are practicing social distancing, keeping in touch with those we love is so important. Grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins.. everyone will love video chatting with your kids. Have grandma read her favourite book over video chat, encourage the kids to share their favourite toys, or download the app Houseparty to play games like Trivia, Heads Up!, Chips and Guac, and Quick Draw!

Sidewalk Chalk Messages

If you're headed out on a walk, bring some sidewalk chalk and let the kids create positive messages and drawings. Fostering a sense of community is important and is needed now more than ever. The more I can help my kids feel connected to others the better.

This time can be challenging but it is also an opportunity to connect and grow with our children. They will come out of this stronger and more resilient and, hopefully, with these simple acts of kindness, they will have a greater appreciation for community, connection, happiness, and the joy of helping others.

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