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Essential Oils for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost here and what better time than now to start playing around with essential oils and pamper your mind, body, and soul? Essential oils can soothe you, intrigue you, heighten your awareness, and yes, arouse you. They are so deeply linked to our emotions and can be used to create aromatic delights to awaken the senses and inspire romance!

I've whipped up some special blends for you to put a little love in the air. Simply add these to your favourite diffuser and enjoy.

Heading out on a date night? Try any of these blends! They can be applied directly to any of the pulse points - behind your ears, inside your wrists and elbows, at the nape of your neck, on your cleavage or behind your knees.

You can also use any of these combinations for a soothing massage. Just mix with jojoba, almond, or fractionated coconut oil to create your own Valentine's Day massage blend. Let your hands do the talking!

Whatever you have planned this Valentine's Day, essential oils are a great addition. Not sure where to start? Shoot me a message and I'll hook you up.

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