Judith Gane

M.A., Bringing the Heart Home

Emotional Freedom Coach

Energy Psychology Practitioner

Self-renewal – is it calling you? 

Not sure where to look?

Question: ‘Where is the greenest source of renewable energy on the planet’?

The fruits of my 35+ year personal/ therapeutic professional * quest for wholeness called Bringing the Heart Home: the inquiry/research/suffering/triumph’s /Aha’s… have convinced me there is literally a hidden, inexhaustible source of renewable energy locked inside each one of us - in our very own conditioned, unconscious, negative thoughts, beliefs, fears, unresolved issues, and neurological wiring. 


What are the unlocking keys?    EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS

What is the magic code?             OUR UNIQUE LIFE STORY 

                                                   holds the liberating code. 


What benefits can I expect? Self-renewal at all levels: peace, prosperity, health, happiness, relationships, loving myself, others, creativity, self –mastery, feeling good about myself, more excitement, joy, purpose, clarity, your heart’s desire. 


"Emotional freedom is the origin of all other freedoms."

                                                                  -David Hawkins



How can YOU unlock this energy source for YOURSELF and the benefit of humanity?  

Bringing the Heart Home will give you all the support and tools you need on your journey. I'm looking forward to meeting with you to explore all the possibilities.


"Fears are the dragons guarding our greatest treasure."

                                                                  -Joseph Campbell


Contact me for more information:

Phone: 250 537 5322

Email: judithgane@sympatico.ca

Twisted Oak Studios office hours Tuesdays 8:45 am - 2:45 pm


* Former Psychologist, QC & ON

             Occupational Therapist