Rowan Wolf

Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Worker

Throughout thirty years of being a registered massage therapist, I have had the opportunity to work with people not only physically, but also energetically. When I began to also work Shamanically in the spiritual realm, people had the opportunity to enhance their connection to Spirit and receive help to make these changes. Profoundly individual and immensely powerful, the Shamanic path strengthens and enriches your relationship to the Divine within your current beliefs.

I was a scabee ikwe (helper) for Elder Mae Louise Campbell (Ojibway/Metis) in Manitoba for many years. As a Sundancer, I follow the Sacred Red Road and find that the shamanic elements of Ojibway 'doctoring' are mirrored in the shamanic practices of Indigenous cultures all around the world.

I received my shamanic training from Gaye Hanson, a shamanic practitioner of 20 years in Whitehorse, Yukon. The Old Buffalo Institute was established in honour of her teacher, Manfred Lucas. Manfred, a German Psychologist reformed the ideas of Michael Harner, an anthropologist who studied the world's shamanic practices and amalgamated them into one. I am a member of The Old Buffalo Institute which offers workshops by accredited teachers Canada wide.

A session may include Reiki, Reflexology, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, Swedish massage therapy, chakra reading and clearing, power animal and spirit guide retrieval, soul retrieval and soul exchange ceremonies. The length of the session depends on what combination you choose. Check out my website for a fuller description of these processes.

After a session, you will find yourself at peace (a unified body, mind, emotion, and spirit), with more energy available to follow your heart's desire.


Phone: 250 526 0057